OPI Push and Shove Swatch

Hey everyone. So while at the store picking up some groceries I came across this polish that said it’s supposed to be like mirror reflective chrome so of course I had to buy it. It came a small trial size base, coat called lay down that base. The instructions say to use that base coat and no top coat but I used seche vite anyways (checked out another blog that used a top coat with no ill effects of the end result) My first impression is that it’s a nice silver polish but it is not in any way mirror reflective and I could have bought a silver polish for a lot cheaper. The application was very smooth, dry time was super quick. Overall I like the polish but I don’t think the description is accurate. I used two coats out of habit but if you are good at applying you can get away with one coat. It is very opaque. Time for some pictures! Hope you guys all enjoy!ImageImage


Sally Hansen Triple Shine Pearly Whites


Hey everyone,

It’s been such a long time since I posted last, that’s how life is I suppose, the time just flies by. Anyways the other day I came across this polish with the little flakies in it and it looked so pretty in the bottle I thought why not try it out, I have never used a flakie polish before. I got Sally Hansen’s triple shine “Pearly Whites” I think it would look best on a dark color so I used a dark royal blue from the Avon nailwear pro line. I did two coats of the blue and two coats of the pearly whites and then one generous coat of seche vite so it wasn’t too lumpy feeling. The flakes seem to lay flat for the most part and come out pretty evenly. They have a blue, purple, green, orange, silver shimmer to them. The only complaint I have is the bottle design. The neck of the bottle is so narrow and the brush is wide so you have to put the brush back in super careful so you don’t get polish all over the bottle and ruin the bristles. Just be aware of that while using the polish. Overall though I think this polish looks beautiful! It is really something different for me and I love how the light catches all the colors. Hope you guys enjoy, I would say this polish would be worth buying 🙂

Influenster VoxBox #CSMTKO Sally Hansen complete salon manicure

Hey guys! Long time no see!

I’ve been taking a break from polishing to get my nails back in healthy shape and quite frankly I was becoming unhealthily obsessed with nail polish so I had to take a chill pill for a sec.

Anyways, during that time I got a voxbox sent to me compliments of influenster.com. They sent me three polishes from The Sally hansen complete salon manicure line. All three are full size bottles! They sent me a classic bright red called “red my lips” a teal turqoiuse blue called “jaded” and a very dark plum purple called “pat on the black”

I did a swatch of all three to try them out and I have to say I am impressed. The brush is wide and flat for easy and smooth application. There was no dragging or pulling. Red my lips and pat on the black were Opaque in two coats while jaded took three. The dry time was not bad at all. I still had to use every ounce of self control to not use my seche vite for practically instant dry time lol this polish is supposed to last for ten days with no top coat so that’s why I didn’t use the seche.

Head over to influenster.com and start writing reviews and filling out surveys on your favorite products! The higher you get your score the higher your chances are at getting a voxbox full of free goodies to try out!



Revlon autumn spice scented nail polish



Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing for a while. Life gets in the way sometimes :/ the other day I saw a display for the cutest little nail polish bottles. I had to go check them out! They have the cutest little round tops and a nice square bottle with beveled edges! They look so unique! Better yet they are scented! On the display was a little brochure where you can lift the edge and sniff the scent.

I picked autumn spice and wild violets. Autumn spice smells just like the name. It doesn’t produce the scent until the polish is dry and you can still smell it with seche vite over the top. It’s a dark brown with gold and red shimmer throughout. I used two coats. Went on smooth and easy. It came out darker than I thought it would but it’s a dark rich fall color! Next week will be wild violets which is a dark rich purple with subtle blue shimmer.



L.A. Colors palette review no.2

Here’s review number two on the L.A. Colors eye palette I bought. This time I went with a silver smokey eye. I picked up maybelline master precise eyeliner pen yesterday too and I love it! So easy to apply and make a sharp winged eye. Wore this look going on 10 hours now and it’s staying strong. Pretty good for a $2.99 palette!

This morning


Ten hours later
(Me looking exhausted)





Dancing nails by Sinful colors


Hey lovelies! This weeks mani is more on the femme side. I don’t often do pink but this one I could not pass up. It’s called dancing nails from the hot flash metallics collection. I used two coats. Application was very smooth, no dragging at all or bubbles 🙂 and dries pretty quick too! You should all go out and by it! On my accent nail I did a water marble with I think it’s called dark bronze. Hope you guys like this weeks mani. And here’s my new YouTube video as well on makeup I got at the drugstore and a score I made on some awesome palettes for only $2.99!!



My new Youtube Channel

Hey guys! I have always wanted to start a youtube channel so I just went ahead and did it a few days ago. Of course it’s going to be all about beauty topics. I have only my intro video posted but will be posting another video soon. The theme is affordable products and whats good whats not good and maybe down the line nail and make up tutorials. I thought I would run it by you guys since I know all of you are already interested in anything beauty related. Check it out and subscribe! Thanks all my beauties!