Fun easy nail design!



Hey everyone! I created a cute nail look yesterday and wanted to share it with everyone. It’s my first try at nail art so it’s nothing super fancy but I thought it was cute.

If you want to see how I achieved this look then keep reading!

Before you start polishing you will want to cut 10 strips of scotch tape to make the diagonal French tips. You want to do this before polishing so you don’t end up smudging your nails!

Step 1. Apply one Coat of any base coat. I used Sally Hansen double duty top and base coat.

Step 2. Apply any light pink color you have. I applied two coats to make it a bit darker.

Step 3. Apply any type of sparkly polish. I used a gold and silver type from N.Y.C

Step 4. Apply strips of scotch tape to each nail diagonally to get the diagonal French tip. Make sure when you apply the tape you press it down firmly so the polish doesn’t bleed under the tape.

Step 5. Apply a darker pink to the upper portion of the nail, above where the tape is. Then before the polish dries gently peel of the tape. That will give you a nice straight line.

Step 6. Dab some polish on a sheet of paper to use for your polka dots. I used a green and an orange color for my dots.

Step 7. Then take a straightened out bobby pin to use as your dotter and dip it in the green polish and dot onto the line where the light pink meets the darker pink. Wipe off the bobby pin and dip in the orange polish. Dot the orange polish on either side of the green dots in between them.

Step 8. On both ring fingers we are going to make another smaller French tip with a red polish. This is just to add some extra color and make an accent nail. Again use a strip of scotch tape to make the straight line.

Step 9. Apply top coat of Sally Hansen double duty.

Step 10. Enjoy your beautiful colorful nails!! You don’t have to go by these colors, try out whatever color combo works for you!

I hope you enjoyed this little step by step guide. There will be more to come with pictures with each step!!


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