Official Water marble try no. 1!

Hey ladies!! Okay so after practicing my marbling and design making I decided to actually try it on my nails with my aunt today! I would say it went decently well for the first try. For my colors I went with pure ice crimson for the base color and then used Sally Hansen hard as nails die hard fan and Sally Hansen hard as nails unbreakable heart for the marbling. It was pretty easy to do but one con is that it’s messy! And there’s lot of clean up after your done. I will include pictures at the bottom so don’t miss them! If you wanna know how I did it then just keep reading!!!

Step 1: lay out a towel and gather all the materials you will need which is.
-paper cup
-room temp water
-needle or anything sharp
-scotch tape
-the polish of course!!
I put down the towel bc sometimes I am a bit messy šŸ™‚

Step 2: apply one coat of base coat. I used Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat. Let that dry.

Step 3: apply one coat of whatever color that you want to be your base color. In my case that was pure ice crimson. Let dry

Step 4: tape finger to protect most of it from excess polish. Tape whatever way works best for you.

Step 5: start dropping drops of your marbling colors into the cup. For example. I did one drop of red. Let that spread for a quick second and then one drop of orange and then red and then orange and so forth…do that until you have a bullseye effect. The more rings you have the better.

Step 6: take your needle or any sharp object and gently drag through the polish to make a cool deign. For mine I started from the center and pulled it to the outside rings in all four directions. And then in between those I pulled in towards the middle. When you drag in from the outside, don’t start from the first few rings bc they will be dry and will mess up your design. I start with about the fourth ring in. It’s okay if it’s not perfect and symmetrical bc you will only be using a small section of it.

Step 7: line up your nail with the best section of the design and dip in on an angle. While in the water blow on the water a bit and then take your Qtip and clean the surface of the water of the excess polish. Then slowly pull out your finger.

Step 8: then with your tweezers, gently pull off your tape and discard.

Continue all these steps on the rest of your nails. If you’re feeling brave you can dip more than one finger at a time! But I would stick to one until you get the hang of it.

Step 9: apply one coat of top coat. Again I used Sally Hansen double duty. Let dry

Step 10: begin cleaning off whatever polish you got on your fingers with a Qtip or angle brush. Don’t be discouraged if you have a lot of extra polish. I know I did!

Step 11: sit down and enjoy your marbled nails and pat yourself on the back!!

I wish that the orange showed up brighter against the red but I still like how it came out. Next week I think I will try another water marble with different colors. I also got air bubbles on my nails somehow but they don’t bother me too much. Hope y’all enjoyed this and stay tuned for next weeks marble!!




















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