OPI Liquid Sand & textured water marble

Just got done with applying my first liquid sand polish and all I can say is WOW! I love it! At first I was thinking of using some top coat bc I didn’t think I would like the sand texture but I have changed my mind. The texture is what makes the polish. It makes it more…sparkly and adds so much dimension. I love it so much. Of course I wanted to do an accent nail so I did a water marble with the liquid sand called jinx and a regular polish called mellow yellow and it turned out really cute.

For the marbled nail I was going to do a base coat of white and then just marble the jinx and the mellow yellow but I didn’t want the texture to be uneven at all so I used jinx as a base coat and applied the marble over that. That way the whole nail is textured.

Here is what I used

OPI liquid sand – jinx
Sally Hansen – mellow yellow
Sally Hansen double duty as a base coat to protect my nails

Here are some pictures! I hope y’all enjoy! This is one of my favorite manis so far and I do want to get more colors from the liquid sand colle






My little collection

Here is my small but ever growing nail polish collection so far.

I put them in rows by brand.

In the back is Sally Hansen
Next row up is sinful colors
Next row forward is la colors
Next is pure ice
Then NYC
Then my lone Essie

Ps I forgot my OPI liquid sand 🙂


Sparkles and golds!

Why can’t I ever not find a sale! Lol usually it’s a good thing to find sales but if you’re me then it means you are obligated to buy more polish! Anyways, I stopped into the drugstore and took a peek at the beauty section and low and behold they had a sale of 33% off! Most of the polishes ended up being under a dollar! Score! I decided to pick up some sparkles and some metallic colors. Golds, gray, silver..ya know, the works. 🙂 cant


First liquid sand polish

Just wanted to pop by and show you guys my new polish. It’s called jinx by OPI. It’s a textured polish called liquid sand. I stopped in the mall today with my mother in law and checked out one of the beauty stores and oh my gosh they had so much polish! They had OPI, Zoya, Essie, Orly and more! It felt like being a kid in a candy store! I walked out with only one polish bc I didn’t plan on spending too much. But I will deft be going back!




April showers bring May flowers

Hey guys! I was a little disappointed with my last mani so I decided to redo it today. I wanted to go with lighter colors and I wanted to use my new polishes again also. 🙂 I’ve chosen the name of this post based on the colors. A blue teal with coral pink flowers on either ring fingers as accents with a few white polka dots. Colors I used are..

Sinful colors mint apple
Sinful colors hazard
Sinful colors snow me white
Sally Hansen coral reef
Sally Hansen mellow yellow
Sally Hansen double duty top and base coat

I had to use 2 coats of mint apple to make it opaque. This is such a stunning color! I love it and it one of my new favorites! For the flowers I used a dotting tool and a detail brush to make the petals. These flowers are so easy to make bc they don’t have to look perfect and then I threw in a couple polka dots to add some more character. I hope you guys enjoy this look! Sorry for the messy nails though. How do you guys paint your nails without getting polish on the cuticles or on the sides of the nail where the skin is? All the pictures I see are of perfectly clean fingers! Commen





Spring inspired plaid pedicure

Hey guys! Let me start off by saying is it so nice out today in CNY! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be even warmer in the 70’s! Woo! Hopefully this weather stays. Anyways I decided to try my hand as some simple plaid with my new colors from yesterday.

Base coat – Sally Hansen double duty
Base color – hazard by sinful colors
Plaid design – mellow yellow by Sally Hansen and mint apple by sinful colors
Top coat – Sally Hansen double duty

I had just done with mani the other day so I wanted to enjoy it for a bit longer but I was so excited to use my new polish I redid my toes! Now before I show you the pictures. I detest my feet. So no giggling at my little weird toes. I have never taken a picture of my feet for people to see so here it goes! I hope you guys like it.

P.S I had to redo both big toes bc I’m terrible at using my new striping brushes!




50’s polish?

I had a gift card for target so I decided to get some more polishes! I have a lot of darker colors so I thought I would pick out some lighter spring inspired colors. I was looking mainly for a coral pinky orange color and a yellow and I found a couple other cute colors that match I think. I showed them to my husband and he said “honey, we are not in the 50s anymore” lol well good thing they are going on my nails and not appliances! Anywhoo, here’s the newbies!