New polish! Sinful colors!

Hey girls! I stopped in Walgreens for milk and you know I can’t stay away from the beauty section… They had a large variety of polishes from sinful colors so I had to get a few.

I didn’t have white or black in my meek polish arsenal so I got snow me white and black on black.

Then I saw the two most beautiful colors! One is a purple but not just any purple, it’s a deep dark royal purple. You know the purple kings and queens used to wear? Yea that purple 🙂 my pics could not capture just how awesome this color is! It’s called lets talk.

And last I got a deep deep dark red. About one shade darker than blood. Called rich in heart. This color is so perfect. Idk what it is about me and red polish but I just love it!

I was looking for a coral color and a vibrant yellow but all they had was like a mustard yellow, Ew. And hot pinks. I also ordered 30 rolls of striping tape and a 20 piece set of nail art tools. Equipped with several sized striper brushes. Two fan brushes and many different sized dotting tools! I am so excited to use them it’s insane!!! I’m still waiting for the tape to arrive but now that I have new polish and my nail art tools I won’t be so impatient. Haha
Here’s some pics below!!












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