Spring inspired plaid pedicure

Hey guys! Let me start off by saying is it so nice out today in CNY! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be even warmer in the 70’s! Woo! Hopefully this weather stays. Anyways I decided to try my hand as some simple plaid with my new colors from yesterday.

Base coat – Sally Hansen double duty
Base color – hazard by sinful colors
Plaid design – mellow yellow by Sally Hansen and mint apple by sinful colors
Top coat – Sally Hansen double duty

I had just done with mani the other day so I wanted to enjoy it for a bit longer but I was so excited to use my new polish I redid my toes! Now before I show you the pictures. I detest my feet. So no giggling at my little weird toes. I have never taken a picture of my feet for people to see so here it goes! I hope you guys like it.

P.S I had to redo both big toes bc I’m terrible at using my new striping brushes!





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