April showers bring May flowers

Hey guys! I was a little disappointed with my last mani so I decided to redo it today. I wanted to go with lighter colors and I wanted to use my new polishes again also. πŸ™‚ I’ve chosen the name of this post based on the colors. A blue teal with coral pink flowers on either ring fingers as accents with a few white polka dots. Colors I used are..

Sinful colors mint apple
Sinful colors hazard
Sinful colors snow me white
Sally Hansen coral reef
Sally Hansen mellow yellow
Sally Hansen double duty top and base coat

I had to use 2 coats of mint apple to make it opaque. This is such a stunning color! I love it and it one of my new favorites! For the flowers I used a dotting tool and a detail brush to make the petals. These flowers are so easy to make bc they don’t have to look perfect and then I threw in a couple polka dots to add some more character. I hope you guys enjoy this look! Sorry for the messy nails though. How do you guys paint your nails without getting polish on the cuticles or on the sides of the nail where the skin is? All the pictures I see are of perfectly clean fingers! Commen






4 thoughts on “April showers bring May flowers

  1. This is so cute…I love ALL the colors you used.How did you do the flower? I can see yelow dot but what about the peach petals??

    And yes, I guess we all get polish on your skin, the trick is to clean them with a Q Tip before clicking pictures πŸ˜›

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