Warm copper

Hey girls, this is going to be a really simple nail post. I haven’t had much time to do my nails lately. My husband and I are going through the heartache of a elderly dog. We fear he will be leaving us soon 😦 we found out about 2-3 weeks ago that he has a large tumor on the base of his heart pushing his heart up into his trachea. That makes it very hard for him to breath or eat. He is on steroids and morphine to make him comfortable until his time comes 😦 but will all the sad out of the way..

I went with a coppery gold look for this week. I wasn’t sure how the gold was going to come out bc it’s more of a yellowish gold so I only did that on my accent nail and the metallic copper on the rest. I did some copper dotting on the gold accent nail to tie it together more. All and all I think it came out okay. The application for these polishes was great. They are both by LA colors nail lacquer. They were a steal at the drugstore bc they were on sale for like .66 I think. They go on smooth and dry quick which are both good things 🙂 I really dig the metallic coppery colors. I want to find one with more of a pinkish copper, kinda how rose gold looks. Here’s what I used and don’t forget the pics!

Seche vite clear for the base and top coat
LA colors china gold
LA colors metallic copper





Vintage spring polka dots

Hey polishaholics! Here’s this weeks mani. I wanted to do something spring inspired and colorful but also easy and simple. I’m all about easy 🙂

For this look I used,

Sinful colors hazard
Sinful colors snow me white
Sinful colors queen of beauty
Sally Hansen coral reef
Sally Hansen mellow yellow
Seche clear base coat (I am using this for as a top coat as well for now until I go get a new top coat, works all the same)

I didn’t want to do just boring traditional polka dots and I’ve seen some of you guys do the polka dots inside of polka dots so I figured I would give that a go too. On my accent nail I used a glitzy silver sparkle polish to give it some pizzazz. Oh I also trimmed my nails, they are a lot shorter now but still cute. I like the double polka dot look but before I put the pink and yellow dots inside the white dots I liked it a lot with just the plain white polka dots of varying sizes. So next time I might just stay with plain white polka dots. I also became very impatient and put my top coat on a smidgen too soon and slightly dragged a couple of the polka dots but its almost unnoticeable. Anyways, here’s some pics. Let me know what you think!! Leave





Green with metallic polka dots

Hey girls, this week I wanted to give my new Zoya a try with some cute polka dots of varying sizes. I wanted something simple and easy to do and what’s easier than Polka dots? I used two coats to get full opacity. Please excuse the burn I have on my hand. Darn how glue gun :/

For this look I used

Zoya – Logan
LA color – metallic copper
LA color – china gold
Sally Hansen – golden I
Seche clear base coat

Hope you guys like it and leave me a comment for suggestions on next weeks mani!!!







Liquid sand Jinx with silver gradient

The other day I needed a quick drying mani and my top coat isn’t a fast dry type(which will be changing soon) so anyways I went with Liquid sand by OPI, jinx. It dries super fast and is really pretty and eye catching with its sparklyness 🙂 but I thought it was a bit boring with just the liquid sand alone so I tried to dress it up with some silver sparkles on the tip. I tried to drag it down a little to make a fading effect. I think it’s looks neat bc jinx already has golden sparkles in the polish and the silver is a little bit contrasting. Anyways, leave me a comment below and let me know if you like it! the first two pics are with flash, the last without.




DIY Foam board nail polish rack

Hey guys! So my little basket for my polishes was getting pretty full so I decided to try the DIY foam board idea. I must say it turned out pretty good! 🙂 it’s only made out of foam board, duct tape and hot glue! Hopefully I will fill it up all the way and have to make another one! Lol




Summer sunrise ombré gradient nails

Hey polish fans! I decided to try my hand out at the ombre/ gradient look and I think it came out pretty good! It’s really actually simple to do and looks very cute!

Polishes I used were

Base and top coat – double duty by Sally Hansen
Snow me white by sinful colors
Mellow yellow by Sally Hansen
Coral reef by Sally Hansen
Hazard by sinful colors






Green and gold combo

Hey guys. My liquid sand mani ended up chipping while doing some chores 😦 but they lasted a week so I was due for another mani anyways! This week I went with a vibrant sparkly emerald green with gold striping. I absolutely love this color combo! I decided I wanted to do a simple design being that the green is so bright and sparkly and I wanted to try out my new striping tape as well. Let me just say that it is so much easier to use the striping tape then scotch tape 🙂 I love it.

For this mani I used

– golden I by Sally Hansen
– running in circles by china glaze
– double duty base and top coat by Sally Hansen

I used the gold as the base coat because I wanted the stripes to be gold and then used the green over that. Hope you guys like it! It was so hard to get decent pictures b. they are so shiny and sparkly!