Vintage spring polka dots

Hey polishaholics! Here’s this weeks mani. I wanted to do something spring inspired and colorful but also easy and simple. I’m all about easy 🙂

For this look I used,

Sinful colors hazard
Sinful colors snow me white
Sinful colors queen of beauty
Sally Hansen coral reef
Sally Hansen mellow yellow
Seche clear base coat (I am using this for as a top coat as well for now until I go get a new top coat, works all the same)

I didn’t want to do just boring traditional polka dots and I’ve seen some of you guys do the polka dots inside of polka dots so I figured I would give that a go too. On my accent nail I used a glitzy silver sparkle polish to give it some pizzazz. Oh I also trimmed my nails, they are a lot shorter now but still cute. I like the double polka dot look but before I put the pink and yellow dots inside the white dots I liked it a lot with just the plain white polka dots of varying sizes. So next time I might just stay with plain white polka dots. I also became very impatient and put my top coat on a smidgen too soon and slightly dragged a couple of the polka dots but its almost unnoticeable. Anyways, here’s some pics. Let me know what you think!! Leave






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