Warm copper

Hey girls, this is going to be a really simple nail post. I haven’t had much time to do my nails lately. My husband and I are going through the heartache of a elderly dog. We fear he will be leaving us soon 😦 we found out about 2-3 weeks ago that he has a large tumor on the base of his heart pushing his heart up into his trachea. That makes it very hard for him to breath or eat. He is on steroids and morphine to make him comfortable until his time comes 😦 but will all the sad out of the way..

I went with a coppery gold look for this week. I wasn’t sure how the gold was going to come out bc it’s more of a yellowish gold so I only did that on my accent nail and the metallic copper on the rest. I did some copper dotting on the gold accent nail to tie it together more. All and all I think it came out okay. The application for these polishes was great. They are both by LA colors nail lacquer. They were a steal at the drugstore bc they were on sale for like .66 I think. They go on smooth and dry quick which are both good things 🙂 I really dig the metallic coppery colors. I want to find one with more of a pinkish copper, kinda how rose gold looks. Here’s what I used and don’t forget the pics!

Seche vite clear for the base and top coat
LA colors china gold
LA colors metallic copper





6 thoughts on “Warm copper

  1. I’m so sorry about your dog. But at least he gets to spend the rest of his time with you, knowing that he’s loved.
    The copper dots on the gold look fabulous though!

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