Take me to the ball Prince Charming

Hey guys! New mani! I have noticed I always go for the bright colors so I picked up a pastel soft light blue. It’s called Cinderella by sinful colors. A lot of your probably know it already bc I guess it was popular a while back? Anyways, this blue has the prettiest pinkish gold shimmer in it. But it is ever so subtle.

The application sucks! You need to be able to apply evenly to begin with and have a boat load of patience for this polish. I had to use three coats to reach opacity. When you get it there it really is beautiful. But of course it was just too pale for me so I had to throw in some glitter and color on the accent nail for fun! I used sinful colors nail junkie for that. For base and top coat I used seche clear and seche vite. Can I just say how much I LOVE seche vite! It reduces drying time so so much for me 🙂 also Cinderella takes light years to dry, hence the seche vite. I hope y’all like this mani and you should be looking out for a Fourth of July mani maybe in the future week!

Sorry for all the pictures but I was trying to capture the pink shimmer!










Mermaid aqua turquoise

Here’s a mani I did on my little sister today. Not perfect but still came out pretty good. I used a black striper for the black. The black was getting gloppy for some reason so the stripes were a bit of a pain. They aren’t as thin as I wanted them but it still came out okay. And I love the turquoise color.Its called dragon lady by fresh paint.




20130625-155148.jpg />

Gimme some of that Gold!


Hey polish fans! My magenta mani chipped yesterday after only a few days of wear 😦 and I can not wear chipped polish!

This time I went with a super neon orange and thought…this isn’t gonna work out at work lol so I topped it off with some gold glitter and an accent nail and called it a night.

I’m not home so I can’t remember all the names of the polishes I used. But I did take a pic of all the bottles. And let me just say I am so happy I finally got my hands on some seche vite! No more bed sheet lines on my nails! I got done with them At 9 and went to bed at ten and they were 100% dry!

I love this mani! It’s bright and summery but the gold sparkles makes it so glamorous! I hope you guys like it! Leave me some comments on what I should do next! Oh and they glow under my blue fish tank light!!







Magenta madness!


Hey girls. This week I used a color my hubby picked out. I was a little nervous to use this color just bc I’m not a huge pink/purple person. Well I am but this color just kinda scared me lol idk how to explain it. Anyways, it’s called sinful colors dream on. To my surprise its actually a matte polish. I liked it matte but I noticed it dried a little uneven so I put a coat of seche vite over it and it’s super glossy now 🙂 I tried my hand at using my white striper brush also that I got from Five Below for like $2 I think. And also a silver striper and then some lime green dots with my dotting tool. This was my first time using the stripers on my own nails so they didn’t come out perfect. Next time I will try not to push down so hard bc the lines are too thick for me. Anyways here’s the pics! Hope you guys all enjoy this mani! And after I applied the color I was a lot less scared of it 😉




Periwinkle purple with some bling!

Here is my mani for this week. I just posted a review on this polish so be sure to check that out and I finished it off with some striping tape as an accent nail. I used seche clear as the base coat and the polish is wet n wild “on a trip”. I used three coats of the wet n wild. Idk if I like the silver stripes, I almost like it plain polish better. What do you think?





Wet n Wild Megalast review



Hey polished people’s all over the world! So I just got done applying this polish and I love it so much I want to do a review for you guys.

It’s Wet n Wild Megalast called On a Trip. It’s a beautiful purple leaning blue. Kind of a periwinkle color. I saw it at dollar general for only $2 so I had to buy it since I don’t have this color in my ever growing collection. I don’t think I have ever done a review so excuse me if its the best most descriptive one out there.

The application of this polish was a dream! It’s super creamy and doesn’t pull. It levels itself out very well also. One thing that makes the application so good is the brush. It’s very wide and has a rounded tip. I love love love the brush! You could get away with two coats for it to be opaque but I use really thin coats so I did three coats. I also love the bottle. It’s a take off of Essie. It has wet n wild engraved into the glass bottle.

One con is it doesn’t dry super fast. It takes a bit to dry. I’ve had it on for maybe 45 mins now and it’s dry but still can be dented if I’m not carful.

It does dry super shiny so you don’t really need a top coat. I haven’t put one on yet bc I plan on adding more to this mani when it’s 100% dry. I think I covered it all!

To sum it up…

Goes on like a dream
Very creamy and opaque
Wide rounded brush
Levels out
Drys semi slow

I took pictures but I couldn’t capture it’s purple. Rather it looks more blue but I show them to you anyways.






Poison Apple Red

Hey girls! I decided to do another simple mani this week. But I have some sad news first. 😦 My dog Baxter that I talked about in my last post had to be put to sleep. My husband and I came home from work and it was just time. We brought him to the vet not wanting to do it but we had to. He was already going and he just needed our help. Now that I’m depressed again here is my bright mani for this week.

I used,

Essie – turning heads red
Sinful colors – snow me white
Seche vite clear

I wanted it super opaque red so I did three coats of Essie. I could have gotten away with two coats but three made me happy. I just did a little dotting on the accent nail to give it some flare and that’s it! Sometimes simple is more to me 🙂

A little bit on Essie. This was the first time I used Essie. Idk why because I’ve had it for a while now but let me just say I LOVE it! It goes on so smooth and evens itself right out. I saw a few colors at Walmart today of Essie that I’m dying to get so maybe this payday I will spoil myself a little.

Hope you guys like this weeks mani. I included a picture of my other dog foxy. She has known Baxter since she was three months old and she is really sad too. I tried to get a cute picture but she’s got her sad face on :/ she’s adorable anyways.