Wet n Wild Megalast review



Hey polished people’s all over the world! So I just got done applying this polish and I love it so much I want to do a review for you guys.

It’s Wet n Wild Megalast called On a Trip. It’s a beautiful purple leaning blue. Kind of a periwinkle color. I saw it at dollar general for only $2 so I had to buy it since I don’t have this color in my ever growing collection. I don’t think I have ever done a review so excuse me if its the best most descriptive one out there.

The application of this polish was a dream! It’s super creamy and doesn’t pull. It levels itself out very well also. One thing that makes the application so good is the brush. It’s very wide and has a rounded tip. I love love love the brush! You could get away with two coats for it to be opaque but I use really thin coats so I did three coats. I also love the bottle. It’s a take off of Essie. It has wet n wild engraved into the glass bottle.

One con is it doesn’t dry super fast. It takes a bit to dry. I’ve had it on for maybe 45 mins now and it’s dry but still can be dented if I’m not carful.

It does dry super shiny so you don’t really need a top coat. I haven’t put one on yet bc I plan on adding more to this mani when it’s 100% dry. I think I covered it all!

To sum it up…

Goes on like a dream
Very creamy and opaque
Wide rounded brush
Levels out
Drys semi slow

I took pictures but I couldn’t capture it’s purple. Rather it looks more blue but I show them to you anyways.







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