Magenta madness!


Hey girls. This week I used a color my hubby picked out. I was a little nervous to use this color just bc I’m not a huge pink/purple person. Well I am but this color just kinda scared me lol idk how to explain it. Anyways, it’s called sinful colors dream on. To my surprise its actually a matte polish. I liked it matte but I noticed it dried a little uneven so I put a coat of seche vite over it and it’s super glossy now 🙂 I tried my hand at using my white striper brush also that I got from Five Below for like $2 I think. And also a silver striper and then some lime green dots with my dotting tool. This was my first time using the stripers on my own nails so they didn’t come out perfect. Next time I will try not to push down so hard bc the lines are too thick for me. Anyways here’s the pics! Hope you guys all enjoy this mani! And after I applied the color I was a lot less scared of it 😉





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