Take me to the ball Prince Charming

Hey guys! New mani! I have noticed I always go for the bright colors so I picked up a pastel soft light blue. It’s called Cinderella by sinful colors. A lot of your probably know it already bc I guess it was popular a while back? Anyways, this blue has the prettiest pinkish gold shimmer in it. But it is ever so subtle.

The application sucks! You need to be able to apply evenly to begin with and have a boat load of patience for this polish. I had to use three coats to reach opacity. When you get it there it really is beautiful. But of course it was just too pale for me so I had to throw in some glitter and color on the accent nail for fun! I used sinful colors nail junkie for that. For base and top coat I used seche clear and seche vite. Can I just say how much I LOVE seche vite! It reduces drying time so so much for me 🙂 also Cinderella takes light years to dry, hence the seche vite. I hope y’all like this mani and you should be looking out for a Fourth of July mani maybe in the future week!

Sorry for all the pictures but I was trying to capture the pink shimmer!










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