Independence Day mani


Hey girls! Independence Day is coming up this week and I wanted to do a special mani for it! I originally wanted to do a water marble but my polishes weren’t spreading very well. So I went for a striping tape mani.

I used

Sinful colors – snow me white
Pure ice – frosted ice celestial
Pure ice – crimson
Seche vite
Seche clear

I started with two coats of white for the base color. Then Applied the striping tape to the top half and painted blue on the bottom and red up top. It came out okay I think. Some red got a teeny bit smudged by the top coat bc I’m not patient and I had a lot of clean up bc I was rushing but it came out decent.

For those of you not from the US. Independence Day is an American holiday that we celebrate on July 4th every year. It’s when we became independent from Great Britain. Anyways I hope you all like this mani!







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