L.A. Colors blush and baked eyeshadow

Hey girls. Today I am going to stray away from nail polish and introduce some make up I just bought. I’m on a tight budget so I can’t buy the nice expensive make up :/ and I say you don’t really need to anyways. I was in dollar general to quick get some hair spray and I said to myself, we’ll you can at least take a look at their make up selection.. So I browsed around and found some nice colored blush by L.A. Colors and they were only $2 so I said why not? If I don’t like it then at least it wasn’t expensive right? I got two single blushes and a dual blush and then a four color palette of baked eye shadow.

First up is called Blushing Pink
BC142- it’s a bright pinky color with a slight shimmer. I think this would look adorable against a very fair complexion like a porcelain doll. I am very fair skinned πŸ™‚


Next is called Natural BC141- I would describe it as a more natural looking rose color. Like a dusky rose color if that makes any sense? I think it would make someone appear more mature.


Next is the dual blush called papaya/nutmeg BDB391- these are even more natural colors I think. More of neutral tones and would really highlight the cheekbone without looking like you have blush on. I think it will make my face appear…softer looking.



And last are the eye shadows called praline BBE471- I love these colors! There is a white, a gold/bronze brown, a dark brown and a reddish copper color. They are all baked so they are super shimmery. I can not wait to try them. The white would highlight the tear duct and brow bone so nicely I think while the copper color would add a punch of color to the lid. And of course you could smoke it out with the bronze and darker brown.


I will be using them throughout this week and will be taking pictures as I do so you can see how they look on my skin. After that I will be a review on application and what the wear is like throughout the day. So stay tuned! I apologize for being terrible at descriptions also! Hope you guys all have a wonderful evening!

Ps the single blushes come with a mirror built into them and come with a application brush. I won’t be using the application brush bc it is just too coarse and just not good quality. I will keep them in my makeup box just in case I absolutely need one though! You never know πŸ™‚



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