Vampy, Sultry manicure



Hi everyone! This week is another simple mani. I’ve been super lazy lately and am enjoying the more..simple look. Besides with dark colors I think it’s almost better to have a simpler manicure.

I went with a very dark red leaning brownish bronze. It could easily be mistaken for black in dim lighting but don’t be fooled it is a dark luscious red! Makes me think of a vampire nail polish 🙂 I used sinful colors rich in heart and for the accent I used sinful colors all about you over the rich in heart. The application was smooth and very opaque. Only needed two coats and if you are a super skilled manicurest (I think I just made me own word?) then it could be a one coater!

Hope you guys enjoy this color!



5 thoughts on “Vampy, Sultry manicure

  1. I love vampy red/brown shades like the one in your pics. It reminds me very much of Rimmel Lava Red and CK Opus. The golden accent nail looks gorgeous and makes the mani even more elegant. Beautiful!

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