My new Youtube Channel

Hey guys! I have always wanted to start a youtube channel so I just went ahead and did it a few days ago. Of course it’s going to be all about beauty topics. I have only my intro video posted but will be posting another video soon. The theme is affordable products and whats good whats not good and maybe down the line nail and make up tutorials. I thought I would run it by you guys since I know all of you are already interested in anything beauty related. Check it out and subscribe! Thanks all my beauties!


L.A colors eye shadow palette review no. 1

I’m happy to say I did try out one of my new palettes I got the other day, you know the one that had 24 colors for only $2.99! I wanted to go for the antique bronzy gold theme but toned down. My one complaint right off the bat is the colors I used for this look was fallout madness! There was a lot of fallout and it was rather annoying but I was patient and able to achieve the look I wanted. The lighter colors I hoped would be more opaque. But the darker browns made up for that I think. I used only colors from the palette and maybelline gel eyeliner. For mascara I used maybelline colossal cat eyes (love this mascara!) let’s get straight to the pics why don’t we?!

Colors I used






Just after applying before a long day at work.




And after work how it held up.




And also I wore my hair half up half down in this really cool handmade leather feather that I got from the renaissance festival a couple years ago.


I am going to try out other color combos with these palettes and post them up here to show how far a $2.99 palette can go! Enjoy your Sunday night everyone!

Mini haul today

I had to replace my foundation and pressed powder today and while at the drugstore I picked up a few other things as well. I picked out a concealer, eye shadow primer and two eye shadow palettes. I’ve never used concealer or a decent eye primer so in excited to use those in the morning and I’m even more excited to us my new palettes. They were $2.99 each with I think 24 colors each and I swatched them all (sorry no pictures yet) and they are all completely opaque and they are all a metallic/shimmer finish, which I love! I’ll post a review of each product after some usage time 🙂




Love&Beauty 100 palette by Forever 21 swatches

Hi fellow beauty blogsters!

I got a palette from Forever 21 a long time ago and never got around to swatching it. It has 100 colors and it was around $15. I thought that was an awesome deal so I said why not it has to have some okay colors. Low and behold they aren’t as opaque as one would like. I swatched every single color on my arm row by row for you guys to see. One plus is the browns and coppers are pretty opaque and those are the ones I use a lot so that made me happy. Generally the brightly colored shadows were the dull ones but some came out pretty good so I wouldn’t say it was a total bust. If you have some patience you can darken the colors up. Just so you know what you’re looking at, my arm will be to the left of the row that is being swatched and the colors go in order of the row vertically.












Sinful colors hot flash metallics mani



Hey guys! Last week I bought some of the polishes from the sinful colors hot flash metallics collection. For this weeks mani I used precious metal and secret admirer. From pure ice I used platinum.

For precious metal I used three coats. I could have done two but I didn’t want my nail line visible so I went with three. I also went with three coats of platinum due to it being a little sheer. Last I used one semi thick coat of secret admirer on top of platinum.

I really love the shimmer of the metallics and application was very smooth. Coverage was also pretty good. For pure ice the brush was too thin for my liking and stiff but my nails are pretty petite so it wasn’t too bad. There were a lot of brush strokes with platinum but that got covered up by secret admirer. I used seche clear and seche vite for the base and top coat. Hope you guys enjoy!



New hair! It’s dramatic!

Hey girls n guys!

I’ve been growing my hair for 4 whole years now and I’ve come to the point where I was just tired of it! It’s so much work and after years of straightening it was getting pretty damaged so I decided to CHOP it off! I went with a graduated bob. I think it compliments my face shape and adds a more professional mature look! It’s so much healthier, soft and shiny! I feel like a whole new person! I’ll give you a before and after picture so you can compare and contrast 🙂 to anyone who is afraid to take the plunge, search pintrest for tons of hairstyles you like and show them all to the hair stylist so she can see what you want and tell you what’s best for your face shape! Without further adue! Here’s the new look!




Mystic green “holographic”

Hello my beauties! I have another new polish I got a couple days ago. I saw the display for the maybelline holographic collection and there was one color I just had to have. Mystic green!

Even though the bottle says holographic it’s not. It’s still a wonderful color though and I say buy it! The application was smooth as can be but it’s sheer. Normally that would deter me but the color goes on so smooth and dries really fast so three coats didn’t bother me much. It has the most beautiful shimmer and my indoor and outdoor, sun and shade pictures look like totally different polish! So I guess in some lights it could be a duo chrome.

I would say the only downfall is how sheer it is. Even with three coats it’s not the color the bottle is. You could go for a fourth coat since the formula is so thin.

But like I stated above the smoothness of the application and the gorgeous color makes me forget all about how sheer it is! I give this polish a thumbs up!



Outdoor sun



Outdoor shade