L.A. Colors baked eye shadow and blush pot review

Hey guys. So I said I would be back with pictures and my opinion on my new L.A. Colors blush and baked eye shadow. I’ve tried them all out and I’m pretty happy with them except the dual blush.

Ill start with the dual which is called papaya/nutmeg. It wasn’t working for me. It’s very dusty and the product doesn’t stay on the brush. When I go to tap off the excess it all comes off and is way too shimmery for me. Due to it being so dusty it kind of goes everywhere and there’s a lot of fallout. Maybe it could be used wet. I didn’t think to try that. I don’t have a picture bc I didn’t even finish applying it before I gave up on it.

Next is blushing pink. It’s a single small blush pot. This color is a bright baby doll pink. I absolutely love it! The color is very pigmented so you only need a little bit and it lasts forever. I wear it to work almost every day and its still there when I get home ten hours later. I give this one a big thumbs up. Here’s a picture of the product and me wearing it.



Next is called natural. It’s the final blush pot I bought. It’s a natural flushed color. I like this if you want flushed cheeks but in a toned down way. You make make it as bold as you want by building up. This one is also very pigmented and a little goes a long way. Stays on all day just like blushing pink. I give this one a thumbs up as well.


This second picture is after I got done with a six mile bike ride and its still there!


Last is the quad of baked eye shadow. I was expecting better but it’s still okay. My brushed didn’t pick up the shadow very well. The best way I found to apply it was with my finger and then I blended with my brushes. I wanted them to be more pigmented but they aren’t a total waste. As long as you have some patience you can keep building the color up.






Well that’s it for my little review. I loved the two blush pots. A no go on the dual blush and the baked eye shadow was just okay. Not a total bust. I would say they are worth the $2. Hope you guys enjoyed! Maybe I will try out some more and do another review. Sorry it took me so long to post this one!


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