Are you ready for Autumn?

Hey guys! I’m sad to say the summer is coming to an end. It’s still warm here in upstate New York but it won’t be for long. I thought I would try out a more autumn type color to get me ready for the cooler days ahead. The color I’m wearing this week is by sinful colors and its called Courtney Orange. It’s a Metallic burnt orange color. Almost makes me think of a shiny metallic pumpkin. The formula seems really smooth and there was no pulling. I used three coats to reach the opacity I liked. On the ring finger I added some glitter like I always do šŸ™‚ I always want to do glitter on all the nails bc I love anything sparkly but Id rather not spend an hour taking it off so I stuck with just the ring finger. I did have some bubbles but that could have been bc the last coat with too think or bc I was running out of top coat. The color is still gorgeous though! Hope you guys like it!







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