Pure Ice “I’ll never tell” swatch/review



Hey guys! I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and feeling like allergies are getting the best of me. I just switched to a different medication and the past few days have been a bit better so I thought I would try out a polish I’ve had but haven’t used yet. It’s by Pure Ice and its called “I’ll never tell” it’s a dark rich brown with what looks like brown glitter and a slightly lighter maybe silver hued flakies.

The color was opaque in two coats. I was wary bc I bought another pure ice which I thought would be opaque and it turned out to be very sheer so I was pretty happy with this one being opaque. The flakies makes the application a bit tricky. It’s not terrible but it’s not smooth either. I would highly recommend a thick layer of top coat after applying this polish. It dries rather slow so I used a fast dry top coat, seche vite. On my accent nail I used some striping tape to add a couple diagonal lines to add some character and then a gold glitter polish by sinful colors called all about you. I love love love all about you. It’s very dense with gold glitters and some copper ones throughout. You can see the base color below just enough but I can easily get covered up by all the glitter so be careful and use a thinner coat when using this polish. It goes on super smooth as well.

I would recommend “I’ll never tell” being that it is only $1.98 at Walmart. It’s a good polish for the price and I love the color. It’s the first time I’ve tried out a brown polish and I love it! Def a thumbs up! The only downfall is the flakies making it a bit tricky to apply. Hope you guys like this swatch/review. Have a splendid week and weekend everyone!




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