Mystic green “holographic”

Hello my beauties! I have another new polish I got a couple days ago. I saw the display for the maybelline holographic collection and there was one color I just had to have. Mystic green!

Even though the bottle says holographic it’s not. It’s still a wonderful color though and I say buy it! The application was smooth as can be but it’s sheer. Normally that would deter me but the color goes on so smooth and dries really fast so three coats didn’t bother me much. It has the most beautiful shimmer and my indoor and outdoor, sun and shade pictures look like totally different polish! So I guess in some lights it could be a duo chrome.

I would say the only downfall is how sheer it is. Even with three coats it’s not the color the bottle is. You could go for a fourth coat since the formula is so thin.

But like I stated above the smoothness of the application and the gorgeous color makes me forget all about how sheer it is! I give this polish a thumbs up!



Outdoor sun



Outdoor shade



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