Love&Beauty 100 palette by Forever 21 swatches

Hi fellow beauty blogsters!

I got a palette from Forever 21 a long time ago and never got around to swatching it. It has 100 colors and it was around $15. I thought that was an awesome deal so I said why not it has to have some okay colors. Low and behold they aren’t as opaque as one would like. I swatched every single color on my arm row by row for you guys to see. One plus is the browns and coppers are pretty opaque and those are the ones I use a lot so that made me happy. Generally the brightly colored shadows were the dull ones but some came out pretty good so I wouldn’t say it was a total bust. If you have some patience you can darken the colors up. Just so you know what you’re looking at, my arm will be to the left of the row that is being swatched and the colors go in order of the row vertically.













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