L.A colors eye shadow palette review no. 1

I’m happy to say I did try out one of my new palettes I got the other day, you know the one that had 24 colors for only $2.99! I wanted to go for the antique bronzy gold theme but toned down. My one complaint right off the bat is the colors I used for this look was fallout madness! There was a lot of fallout and it was rather annoying but I was patient and able to achieve the look I wanted. The lighter colors I hoped would be more opaque. But the darker browns made up for that I think. I used only colors from the palette and maybelline gel eyeliner. For mascara I used maybelline colossal cat eyes (love this mascara!) let’s get straight to the pics why don’t we?!

Colors I used






Just after applying before a long day at work.




And after work how it held up.




And also I wore my hair half up half down in this really cool handmade leather feather that I got from the renaissance festival a couple years ago.


I am going to try out other color combos with these palettes and post them up here to show how far a $2.99 palette can go! Enjoy your Sunday night everyone!


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