Revlon autumn spice scented nail polish



Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing for a while. Life gets in the way sometimes :/ the other day I saw a display for the cutest little nail polish bottles. I had to go check them out! They have the cutest little round tops and a nice square bottle with beveled edges! They look so unique! Better yet they are scented! On the display was a little brochure where you can lift the edge and sniff the scent.

I picked autumn spice and wild violets. Autumn spice smells just like the name. It doesn’t produce the scent until the polish is dry and you can still smell it with seche vite over the top. It’s a dark brown with gold and red shimmer throughout. I used two coats. Went on smooth and easy. It came out darker than I thought it would but it’s a dark rich fall color! Next week will be wild violets which is a dark rich purple with subtle blue shimmer.




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