OPI Push and Shove Swatch

Hey everyone. So while at the store picking up some groceries I came across this polish that said it’s supposed to be like mirror reflective chrome so of course I had to buy it. It came a small trial size base, coat called lay down that base. The instructions say to use that base coat and no top coat but I used seche vite anyways (checked out another blog that used a top coat with no ill effects of the end result) My first impression is that it’s a nice silver polish but it is not in any way mirror reflective and I could have bought a silver polish for a lot cheaper. The application was very smooth, dry time was super quick. Overall I like the polish but I don’t think the description is accurate. I used two coats out of habit but if you are good at applying you can get away with one coat. It is very opaque. Time for some pictures! Hope you guys all enjoy!ImageImage


Sally Hansen Triple Shine Pearly Whites


Hey everyone,

It’s been such a long time since I posted last, that’s how life is I suppose, the time just flies by. Anyways the other day I came across this polish with the little flakies in it and it looked so pretty in the bottle I thought why not try it out, I have never used a flakie polish before. I got Sally Hansen’s triple shine “Pearly Whites” I think it would look best on a dark color so I used a dark royal blue from the Avon nailwear pro line. I did two coats of the blue and two coats of the pearly whites and then one generous coat of seche vite so it wasn’t too lumpy feeling. The flakes seem to lay flat for the most part and come out pretty evenly. They have a blue, purple, green, orange, silver shimmer to them. The only complaint I have is the bottle design. The neck of the bottle is so narrow and the brush is wide so you have to put the brush back in super careful so you don’t get polish all over the bottle and ruin the bristles. Just be aware of that while using the polish. Overall though I think this polish looks beautiful! It is really something different for me and I love how the light catches all the colors. Hope you guys enjoy, I would say this polish would be worth buying 🙂

Revlon autumn spice scented nail polish



Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing for a while. Life gets in the way sometimes :/ the other day I saw a display for the cutest little nail polish bottles. I had to go check them out! They have the cutest little round tops and a nice square bottle with beveled edges! They look so unique! Better yet they are scented! On the display was a little brochure where you can lift the edge and sniff the scent.

I picked autumn spice and wild violets. Autumn spice smells just like the name. It doesn’t produce the scent until the polish is dry and you can still smell it with seche vite over the top. It’s a dark brown with gold and red shimmer throughout. I used two coats. Went on smooth and easy. It came out darker than I thought it would but it’s a dark rich fall color! Next week will be wild violets which is a dark rich purple with subtle blue shimmer.



Dancing nails by Sinful colors


Hey lovelies! This weeks mani is more on the femme side. I don’t often do pink but this one I could not pass up. It’s called dancing nails from the hot flash metallics collection. I used two coats. Application was very smooth, no dragging at all or bubbles 🙂 and dries pretty quick too! You should all go out and by it! On my accent nail I did a water marble with I think it’s called dark bronze. Hope you guys like this weeks mani. And here’s my new YouTube video as well on makeup I got at the drugstore and a score I made on some awesome palettes for only $2.99!!



Mystic green “holographic”

Hello my beauties! I have another new polish I got a couple days ago. I saw the display for the maybelline holographic collection and there was one color I just had to have. Mystic green!

Even though the bottle says holographic it’s not. It’s still a wonderful color though and I say buy it! The application was smooth as can be but it’s sheer. Normally that would deter me but the color goes on so smooth and dries really fast so three coats didn’t bother me much. It has the most beautiful shimmer and my indoor and outdoor, sun and shade pictures look like totally different polish! So I guess in some lights it could be a duo chrome.

I would say the only downfall is how sheer it is. Even with three coats it’s not the color the bottle is. You could go for a fourth coat since the formula is so thin.

But like I stated above the smoothness of the application and the gorgeous color makes me forget all about how sheer it is! I give this polish a thumbs up!



Outdoor sun



Outdoor shade


Pure Ice “I’ll never tell” swatch/review



Hey guys! I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and feeling like allergies are getting the best of me. I just switched to a different medication and the past few days have been a bit better so I thought I would try out a polish I’ve had but haven’t used yet. It’s by Pure Ice and its called “I’ll never tell” it’s a dark rich brown with what looks like brown glitter and a slightly lighter maybe silver hued flakies.

The color was opaque in two coats. I was wary bc I bought another pure ice which I thought would be opaque and it turned out to be very sheer so I was pretty happy with this one being opaque. The flakies makes the application a bit tricky. It’s not terrible but it’s not smooth either. I would highly recommend a thick layer of top coat after applying this polish. It dries rather slow so I used a fast dry top coat, seche vite. On my accent nail I used some striping tape to add a couple diagonal lines to add some character and then a gold glitter polish by sinful colors called all about you. I love love love all about you. It’s very dense with gold glitters and some copper ones throughout. You can see the base color below just enough but I can easily get covered up by all the glitter so be careful and use a thinner coat when using this polish. It goes on super smooth as well.

I would recommend “I’ll never tell” being that it is only $1.98 at Walmart. It’s a good polish for the price and I love the color. It’s the first time I’ve tried out a brown polish and I love it! Def a thumbs up! The only downfall is the flakies making it a bit tricky to apply. Hope you guys like this swatch/review. Have a splendid week and weekend everyone!



Are you ready for Autumn?

Hey guys! I’m sad to say the summer is coming to an end. It’s still warm here in upstate New York but it won’t be for long. I thought I would try out a more autumn type color to get me ready for the cooler days ahead. The color I’m wearing this week is by sinful colors and its called Courtney Orange. It’s a Metallic burnt orange color. Almost makes me think of a shiny metallic pumpkin. The formula seems really smooth and there was no pulling. I used three coats to reach the opacity I liked. On the ring finger I added some glitter like I always do 🙂 I always want to do glitter on all the nails bc I love anything sparkly but Id rather not spend an hour taking it off so I stuck with just the ring finger. I did have some bubbles but that could have been bc the last coat with too think or bc I was running out of top coat. The color is still gorgeous though! Hope you guys like it!