PLUMmet from the sky! Mani

Hey guys! This week I was going to do another gradient effect mani but I didn’t feel like all the clean up and I’ll be honest I didn’t feel like doing anything special so I went with a color I have but haven’t used yet.

It’s called I’m a pool for love by Nicole OPI. I think it’s from a spring collection? My sister and law gave it to me so I’m not 100% sure what collection. It’s a super dark purple blue. It looks black in dim lighting but has an awesome blue/purple glimmer. I wanted to add some sparkle as usual. So I used a silver holographic looking sparkle from funky fingers. I love this glitter! It’s so sparkly and it’s silver but sparkles like a rainbow!

I used two coats for this color. Application was smooth and its not super thick. Two thin coats is perfect for me. Topped off with seche vite. Let me tell you I could not capture the color of this polish for the life of me. Some are blurry to show the purple blue glimmer. Hope you guys like it 🙂

I think it’s a bit dark for me. I might take it off in a couple days but I do like the color in general.







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